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Professional Service

Cyndar employees will conduct a series of tests on the products before selling any products to ensure that there are no quality issues before they are sold.

Cyndar's well-designed design and advanced testing facilities can ensure to provide first-class products.

  • 1.The product will be tested before delivery to the customer to ensure safe and fast delivery

  • 2. Assist in solving technical problems that may be encountered (for example: site environment, pass requirements, location settings, etc.)

  • 3. Maintain the technical status of the equipment and meet quality standards.

  • 4. Transport packaging The goods are firmly packed in thick cardboard boxes (double-layer packaging), which greatly reduces the risk of collision during transportation. New users can enjoy a 10% discount on our products by presenting the letter of introduction from old customers (must be stamped, the official seal of the old customer); special products, special products are excluded

  • 5. Cyndar's software upgrade and conversion measures can ensure that the latest technology is always provided to users

Since 2010, Cyndar has been committed to safety sensors. We insist on technological innovation and put customer success first. A professional pre-sales team will guide customers on how to choose the most suitable products.