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The safety light curtain does not work

The safety light curtain does not work

Update Time:2021/2/13
What should I do when the light curtain does not work and the meaning of the LED cannot identify the fault?
In any case, we recommend that the system crash and send test commands to verify that the cause of the abnormal behavior is not due to electromagnetic interference from any random characters.
In the case of abnormal operation even after sending the test command, and subsequently after shutting down and restarting the system:
Check the integrity and fairness of the electrical connection;-Check whether the power supply voltage level meets the instructions in the technical data;
·Check whether any relays or external contactors are used correctly, and appropriate suppression modules specified by the manufacturer are used;
·Check if the projector and receiver are properly aligned and the optical parts are clean;
·Check the working distance (vapor or smoke may occasionally cause occupation, use at maximum flow);
·Check whether the baffle is subjected to vibration (temporary loss of alignment);
·Check that no two or more users are working nearby or beside, and that the recipient cannot "see other projectors" except for his own receiver;
·Check that obstacles are not placed near the reflective surface (such as transparencies or metal plates);
·Verify that all components of the system are well grounded;

If the suggested controls are not enough to restore the normal function of the system, please send the equipment to our laboratory together with all parts, and clearly state:
·Serial number; date of purchase;
·During operation;
·Installation type;
· Failure detected.

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