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How the safety light curtain works

How the safety light curtain works

Update Time:2021/2/13
The safety light curtain is a safety-certified light curtain product and consists of two parts. The emitter emits modulated infrared light and is received by the receiver to form a protective net. When an object enters the protective net, when light is blocked by the object, through the internal control circuit, the receiver circuit immediately responds, that is, the output Part of it outputs a signal for emergency braking of machine tools such as punches and presses. Light curtains have a very wide range of applications. For example, in the stamping equipment that requires continuous feeding and reclaiming, if a contact safety protection door is installed, the operator needs to open and close the protection door frequently, which not only increases the workload of the operator, but also reduces Increased production efficiency. In this case, the use of gratings and light curtains is the best choice. When the operator is sending and reclaiming materials, as long as any part of the body blocks the light, the machine will enter a safe state without causing injury to the operator.

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