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What are the common functions of safety light curtains?

What are the common functions of safety light curtains?

February 23,2021
Nowadays, with the progress of the times, factories tend to produce in the modern direction. Humans and machines work together, and some are accompanied by potential mechanical equipment hazards such as cutting and stamping, which can easily cause personal injury. The emergence of the safety light curtain is not only a protection for employees, but also can save the company's production costs to a certain extent. The following are some common functions of safety light curtains.

What are the common functions of the safety light curtain:
Self-diagnosis function: You can perform self-diagnosis and check errors. In addition, during operation (within response time), self-diagnosis will be performed periodically.

External equipment monitoring function: Check for misoperation, such as whether the external relay (or contactor) that controls the dangerous part of the machine is welded. This function continuously monitors whether the specified voltage is applied to the external device monitoring input line of the optical receiving device. When an error occurs, the system enters the interlock state. The maximum time that the relay action delay is not recognized as an error is 300ms.

Interlock function: When it is turned on or the optical axis is blocked, the safety output will be turned off at this time and remain in this state until a reset input is applied.

There are two reset interlocks, namely "automatic reset method" and "manual reset method". The former automatically turns on the control output after removing the obstruction, and the latter keeps the control output off before applying the reset signal after removing the obstruction.

Safety light curtain

Automatic reset: After the obstructed object is removed from the detection area, the safety output will automatically turn on. When workers cannot enter the area between the detection area and the dangerous parts of the machine, the automatic reset method is adopted.

Manual reset: When there is no obstructed object in the detection area, the reset input is used to open the safety output. This function can manually reset the machine through the reset switch after confirming safety, thereby preventing unnecessary startup.

Shielding function: The safety function of the grating can be temporarily disabled, so that the safety output can remain on even if the optical axis is blocked.

Partial shielding function: When the workpiece passes through the optical axis, the partial shielding function can ensure safety without activating the shielding.

Position detection shielding: When the robot is in a safe position, use limit switches or other measures, and then enable the shielding function.

Fixed blanking zone function: it can invalidate the specific optical axis in the grating. Even if some parts of the mechanical equipment are located in the detection area, this function can keep the safety output on.

Floating blanking area function: It can increase the detection radius of the grating, thereby improving its detection ability, and turn off the safety output when multiple objects are detected. If there is a fixed-width moving object in the detection area, but it is not necessary to detect the object, you can disable the detection function.

Alarm area function: Divide the detection into detection area and alarm area. When an object enters the warning zone, the warning light will light up or the buzzer will sound an alarm without stopping the mechanical equipment.

Series function: Series connection enables multiple sets of safety light curtains to be used as a set of safety light curtains. When in use, the controller only needs to be connected to a set of light curtains to prevent mutual interference.

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