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How to develop and expand the safety light curtain company

How to develop and expand the safety light curtain company

February 26,2021
What kind of safety light curtain company has the characteristics of becoming a big company? As long as it has the four key points of "innovation, compound interest, chain and leverage", and does not even have to be fully achieved, the safety light curtain company has the foundation for becoming bigger and stronger.

Innovation is the key task of the company's development and expansion, which is the consensus of all companies. Compound interest is a great invention of people. It requires the sector or safety light curtain company to have the characteristics of long-term operation and demonstrate the power of compound interest in the process of long-term accumulation. Chain and leverage are both measures for the company's rapid expansion and rapid expansion, and chain has higher requirements for management and control systems and management capabilities. Leverage is debt. Banks, real estate and life insurance are all debt operations, which are natural areas of leverage. Of course, leveraging crises is relatively large, ranging from financial crises to small company bankruptcies, basically because of leveraging rapid expansion.

The secondary key to positioning is "what kind of person's business". Positioning determines planning, and planning is the positioning of customers. All safety light curtains are designed based on customer positioning. What kind of customers should be based on what kind of products and services they need.

Customers and safety light curtains constitute the industry, and the sales channels are used to connect customers and products to make the safety light curtain industry operate smoothly. Therefore, the trinity of customers, products and sales channels is called the "Golden Triangle of Operations."

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