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What issues should be paid attention to after the ultra-thin safety grating manufacturers resume work

What issues should be paid attention to after the ultra-thin safety grating manufacturers resume work

February 25,2021
What are the problems that the ultra-thin safety grating manufacturers should pay attention to after resuming work?

The first is strict company-wide control. CYNDAR ultra-thin safety grating manufacturers must allocate specialized personnel for company-wide access channels for 24-hour management and control, and strictly inspect and inspect personnel and vehicles.

The second is to allocate manufacturing reasonably. Scientifically allocate manufacturing plans during the epidemic, standardize job order, and reduce the number of people on duty at the same time.

The third is to strengthen employee protection. Handle disinfection protection in manufacturing office situations, require employees to wear masks, establish daily temperature monitoring regulations for employees, implement a meal sharing system for employees, implement closed management and control of employee dormitories, and close group occasions and cultural and entertainment venues within ultra-thin safety grating manufacturers. .

The fourth is to do a good job of emergency management.

Ultra-thin safety light grid manufacturers should formulate resumption of work and epidemic prevention plans. The resumption of work plan should include the organization of ultra-thin safety light grid manufacturers’ epidemic prevention, division of responsibilities, epidemic prevention measures, and epidemic prevention material reserves. Before resuming work, ultra-thin safety grating manufacturers should first establish an epidemic prevention management system for ultra-thin safety grating manufacturers, with responsibilities and personnel on duty, and formulating emergency plans for epidemic prevention.

After the ultra-thin safety grating manufacturer resumes work, what are the issues that employees pay attention to?

The epidemic prevention system must be strictly followed. For example, wear a mask strictly as required when manufacturing. Pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently and disinfect frequently. Learn about epidemic prevention information through the promotion of ultra-thin safety grating manufacturers and the Internet.

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