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Safety light curtain size selection requirements

Safety light curtain size selection requirements

February 27,2021
For installation on the punching equipment use safety grating, we is how to select the grating type, what kind of requirements, some press is a more dangerous when the equipment operation, when we are operating, sometimes there will be some unexpected situation, cause damage to the staff, which yao to be more humanized operation and reduce the accident, it is necessary to install photoelectric protection device.To the requirement of safety grating, we use on the punching machine, general selection screen with the external type controller, belt: what benefits do the screen of the controller, the external type controller for our operators, when we don't use the screen, can be in the device's turn off the screen and open outside, can always see the light curtain light condition.The height of the safety grating choice, can choose according to the size of our equipment safety grating of different height, if we equipment has a distance between upper and lower mold, we can choose according to the distance between the upper and lower mold safety grating, if the distance between the upper and lower mould is small, which we can choose? Optical axis spacing smaller screen. Such as: 10 mm or 20 mm optical axis spacing can!

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