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High-speed intersection vehicle separation light curtain

High-speed intersection vehicle separation light curtain

February 26,2021
High-speed intersection vehicle separation light curtain price

  Vehicle separation light curtain is an infrared vehicle detector specially applied to realize ETC unmanned toll collection at highway toll stations. Equipped with a special stainless steel protective cover, built-in electric heating glass, temperature controller, humidity controller, it can work stably and effectively even in harsh environments. It can realize the automatic separation of vehicles, counting, classification detection, vehicle shape size detection, vehicle axle detection and other vehicle discovery or departure recognition.

   This toll station vehicle separation light curtain adopts imported luminous tubes, which is more reliable in control; SMD component design, low failure rate, good shock resistance, and strong anti-interference ability, suitable for separate vehicle detection at toll stations. Obtained ISO9001 product quality certification and CE certification. Meet the national GB4584-2007 standard.

  Vehicle separation light curtain application scene
Vehicle separation light curtain is used to detect and discover vehicles at toll stations such as highways, airports, parking lots; mainly used in highway toll stations/non-stop toll system (ETC light curtain), automatic vehicle classification system (AVC) parking toll system , It is the key equipment in the traffic control system in occasions such as highway weight toll collection system (WIM), fixed over-limit detection station, customs vehicle management system.

  working principle:
The working principle of the QSMT series vehicle separation light curtain is to realize the synchronous scanning of the vehicle through the non-contact linearly arranged infrared light emission and reception, and convert the light signal into an electrical signal, so as to realize the comprehensive detection of vehicle data, and other detection Compared with the technology, the infrared vehicle detector product has mature technology, easy installation, high-speed response, strong anti-interference, can output rich vehicle data information, and can reliably detect various special vehicles.

  【ETC infrared on-beam vehicle detector】High-speed intersection vehicle separation light curtain characteristics

   1. Integrated design, no controller required, easy to use;

   2. Light curtain height: 140mm to 2880mm;

  3. Optical axis spacing: 10mm, 20mm, 40mm; optical axis spacing can be customized

   4. Detection distance: 0-15m;

   5. The LED indicator can display the working status and fault status of the light curtain;

  6. ​​Toll station light curtain adopts double NPN output:

  ①. Output 1: Vehicle detection signal output;

  ②. Output 2: Light curtain failure alarm output;

  ※Using a unique algorithm, the light curtain can only detect objects over 150mm with a resolution of 25mm, which can avoid malfunctions caused by sunlight, birds, mosquitoes and sludge, and can reliably detect vehicle hooks;

  ※Automatically detect faults and ignore (shield) the problematic beam, and still maintain normal operation, while outputting an alarm signal;

  ※The vehicle detection light curtain uses high-energy, high-transmittance photoelectric cells, which is easy to install and maintain;

  ※It can realize the automatic separation, counting, presence detection, classification detection and determination of the headway of vehicles;

  ※Completely eliminate the phenomenon of car following, and reliably separate semi-trailers, full trailers, and bicycles;

※Light curtain protective cover: 304 stainless steel or aluminum alloy material, to provide protection for vehicle separation detection light curtain, built-in anti-fog electric heating glass, temperature controller, humidity controller, automatic heating when the humidity is too high or the temperature is too low , To ensure the reliable use of the vehicle separation light curtain in humid areas, rain and snow weather, and cold seasons. High-speed intersection vehicle separation light curtain

  [Vehicle separation light curtain price] Selection

   Determine the height of the light curtain according to the testing requirements;

  Choose the range to be tested;

   select the appropriate optical axis spacing;

   Determine the type of output needed;

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