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Infrared anti-following light curtain Smart bayonet toll station light curtain manufacturer

Infrared anti-following light curtain Smart bayonet toll station light curtain manufacturer

Feb 26,2021
Infrared anti-following light curtain Smart bayonet toll station light curtain manufacturer

   is aimed at the failure of the deduction of fees due to "too close to the car" or accidental intrusion by non-ETC vehicles. CYNDAR and related technical engineers made corresponding technical upgrades to the ETC domestically produced constitution, which effectively solved the problems of vehicle interference and improved the speed and reliability of vehicles.

Infrared anti-following light curtain, also called vehicle separation light curtain, is specially designed for vehicle separation and detection of highway (ETC) automatic toll collection system. The technology is mature and completely eliminates the phenomenon of car following. It can reliably separate semi-trailers, full trailers and bicycles to ensure The weighing data corresponds to the vehicle one by one.

At present, CYNDAR's infrared anti-following light curtain is easy to align indoors and outdoors, with automatic heating and defrosting function; in good weather, the correct rate of separation judgment reaches 100%; the protective shell has electric heating glass, which has temperature control and is effective Anti-fog, anti-frost and other bad weather, adapt to ambient temperature, applicable temperature of grating: -30—75℃; ambient humidity: RH≤95%. It fully complies with the standards of "Vehicle separation grating (GB/T 24966-2010)". And it can provide diversified choices of stainless steel windproof covers to meet the budget needs of vehicle separation light curtains such as highway intersections and floor scales.

   [Infrared anti-following light curtain] working principle

   Infrared anti-following light curtain is also called infrared vehicle separator. It is mainly composed of a transmitter and a receiver, and is placed on both sides of the weight-based toll lane opposite each other, and is responsible for judging whether the vehicle completely passes through the lane. The working principle of the QSMT series infrared vehicle separation light curtain is to realize the synchronous scanning of the vehicle through the non-contact linearly arranged infrared light emission and reception, and convert the light signal into an electrical signal, thereby realizing the comprehensive detection of the vehicle data. Compared with the detection technology, the infrared grating vehicle detection separator product technology is mature, easy to install, high-speed response, strong anti-interference, can output rich vehicle data information, can reliably detect various special vehicles, and eliminate the phenomenon of car following.

Vehicle separators at toll gates are used outdoors because they are used in conjunction with a protective cover made of 304 stainless steel or aluminum alloy to provide protection for vehicle light curtains. Built-in electric heating glass, temperature controller, and humidity controller are used in Automatic heating is realized when the humidity is too high and the temperature is too low to ensure the normal operation of the infrared vehicle detector at the ETC high-speed toll station.

  [QSMT series infrared anti-following light curtain]

◆Transmitter and receiver: the transmitter has built-in linearly arranged high-energy light-emitting elements, and the receiver has the same number of receiving elements as the transmitter. The corresponding photoelectric elements of the transmitter and receiver are triggered in sequence and synchronously to detect whether the light path is on. , When the car passes through the scanning area, part or all of the light beam is blocked and thus detected.

  ◆Protection cover: stainless steel material to provide protection for the separator, built-in electric heating glass, temperature controller, humidity controller. Automatic heating is realized when the temperature is too high or too low to ensure the reliable use of the vehicle separator in humid areas, rainy and foggy weather, and cold seasons.

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