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Safety gratings are used in punch presses, hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses, bending machines and other fields to protect people's safety

Safety gratings are used in punch presses, hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses, bending machines and other fields to protect people's safety

February 26,2021
While the advancement of industrial automation provides abundant materials for human life, it has gradually become a "meet" that threatens personal safety. Industrial safety protection is extremely important in the manufacturing industry. In order to avoid human error, ensure the safety of the factory's production process, and improve production efficiency; the safety light curtain is produced.

  The composition of the safety light curtain:

  Lighter: It is composed of several light-emitting devices, which emit infrared light;

   Light receiver: It is composed of a number of light receiving devices, which receive infrared light and correspond to the light emitting devices of the light emitter one by one to form a protective light curtain.

  Producing light and shading signals, and at the same time transmitting the signals to the controller through the signal cable to control the external equipment;

   Controller: Provide power for the light emitter and the light receiver, and receive the light passing and shading signals transmitted by the light receiver, output control signals, and control

  The brake control circuit of the machine or the alarm device of other equipment;

   signal cable: used to transmit the signal between the controller and the light emitter and the light receiver;

   Mounting bracket: Fix the emitter and receiver on the machine table;

Safety grating is also called safety light curtain. It is a kind of photoelectric safety protection device. It also has many names, such as: safety protector, punch protector, infrared protection device, etc. It is a newly developed high-quality automatic control product. Infrared scanning detection technology. In modern factories, people and machines work together on some potentially dangerous machinery and equipment, such as stamping machinery, shearing equipment, metal cutting equipment, automated assembly lines, automated welding lines, mechanical transmission and handling equipment, and hazardous areas (toxic, High pressure, high temperature, etc.), it is easy to cause the operator to use it in a safe environment. The function of the safety grating is to stop the machine quickly when the operator enters the dangerous area by mistake, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting people and the machine from working normally.

  【The working principle of safety grating】

   consists of two parts: a light emitter and a light receiver. The illuminator emits modulated infrared light, which is received by the light receiver to form a protective light curtain network. When an object enters the protection network or is blocked, the light receiver circuit immediately responds through the internal control circuit, that is, outputs a signal to the machine , So as to make the machine stop running or safety alarm, so as to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

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