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The daily maintenance of safety gratings is very important!

The daily maintenance of safety gratings is very important!

February 25,2021
The safety light curtain is simple to operate and the price is affordable. However, we still need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the safety light curtain, which is well maintained and has a longer service life. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the safety light curtain is very important!
Check every six months
Every six months or when the machine settings are changed, the safety light curtain must be checked.
1. Ensure that the safety function of the safety light curtain is normal.
2. Ensure the normal use of the safety light curtain at the changed place, connect it correctly and intervene in the system
3. The system can correctly receive the signal of the safety grating.
4. Whether the response time of the safety light curtain has changed.
5. Whether the safety light curtain cables, connectors and accessories are installed correctly.
6. Pay attention to the cleaning of the safety grating.
Periodic inspection
It is recommended that regular inspections and functional tests include the following steps:
1. There is no visible damage to the safety grating assembly.
2. The optical cover is not scratched or dirty.
3. Whether the dangerous equipment is protected.
4. Whether to protect the safety of staff.
5. The safety distance of the safety grating.
6.Whether the dangerous machine parts of the safety light curtain are within the protection range.
7. Whether the dangerous machine can be stopped immediately and whether the protective field can be interrupted between the safety grating receiver and transmitter before the test rod test.
8. Check whether the protection range of the safety grating is exceeded.
9. The response speed of the safety grating
If the optical cover of the safety light grid sensor is often dirty. Clean with a soft cloth. Do not use cleaning agents, abrasives or scratch cleaning agents.

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