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CYNDAR Optoelectronics Launches "Improve Service Consciousness and Strive to Be the Star of Service"

CYNDAR Optoelectronics Launches "Improve Service Consciousness and Strive to Be the Star of Service"

February 25,2021
At present, all walks of life are facing fierce competition and huge pressure to survive. In order to further implement the company values ​​of "customer-centric", enhance employees' sense of service, and better adapt to the trend of modern diversified corporate competition, CYNDAR Optoelectronics will be officially launched in 2020 to become a "service star" activity. The party branch of CYNDAR Optoelectronics Industry Co., Ltd. initiated this event, taking party members as model pioneers and motivating all employees to participate. In the event, we recommend that every Keli person: At work, treat people and things with enthusiasm, thoughtful and proactive attitude; in the face of customers, we serve wholeheartedly, respond in time, and deal with problems quickly; in the face of colleagues, We focus on the overall situation, improve efficiency, and work proactively without shirking.
    The event has received strong support from the company's leaders, and it is regarded as an important annual work content. The general manager of CYNDAR company instructed: the activities must be implemented carefully, and the activities must not be mere formalities. Our ultimate goal is to improve the ability of all employees to perform their duties and comprehensively enhance their service awareness. The event will select the monthly "Service Star" every month and the annual "Service Star" at the end of the year. A commendation meeting will be held at that time to serve as a model for publicity and learning throughout the company.

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