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Analysis of common failures of safety light curtain

Analysis of common failures of safety light curtain

February 25,2021
At present, as a safety protection product, safety light curtains have been widely used in safe production and play a vital role in protecting workers and machinery and equipment. During the installation and use of the safety light curtain, some problems often occur. Let us analyze in detail below:

  The first is the problem of light. The safety light curtain is not working properly. The common problem is the light problem. The specific performance is that the red indicator light on the receiving device of the safety light curtain is on. The second is the interference problem. When the safety light curtain is correctly connected to the light path, the controller is normal and the fault indicator flashes. The possible reason for this situation is that there is a lot of interference around the safety light curtain, or the equipment grounding is interference. It must be checked whether the transmission line of the safety light curtain is located next to the motor, inverter and other interfering electrical appliances. Remove the ground wire on the controller wiring device and check whether the safety light curtain returns to normal. If the component is damaged, when the indicator is normal, the controller will still display a fault.

Safety light curtain

There are three reasons for this situation: one is the sending device or the receiving device. The direct method is to check the red fault indicator light of the safety light curtain. One is a problem with the transmission line. Another problem is the controller. If the indicator light of the safety light curtain is green, the problem of the safety light curtain can be eliminated, but the problem of the open circuit of the plug at the lower end of the light curtain cannot be eliminated. If you are not sure which part is causing the problem, you can replace the safety light curtain, signal cable and controller separately, and check the status of the controller's normal and fault indicators to determine the problematic part.

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