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What is an industrial safety carpet and its scope of application?

What is an industrial safety carpet and its scope of application?

February 28,2021
What is an industrial safety carpet and its scope of application?

Step-by-step reading
The safety carpet is mainly for safety protection. It is a pressure-sensitive safety protection device. When the set minimum weight is applied to the safety carpet, the switch will be turned off, and the controller will send a stop signal immediately to stop the machine from moving. Regional safety protection, more reliable protection of operators from various potential hazards.

What is industrial safety carpet and its application range
1. The meaning of safety carpet
2. Application areas of safety carpets
3. Matters needing attention in the application of safety carpets

      The safety carpet can provide maximum safety protection to the dangers in the moving area of ​​any shape of the machine, semi-automatic machinery and production line, thereby protecting the safety of people and the normal operation of the machine.
      The safety carpet application places mainly include:
      Automatic induction doors, welding robots, material processing, rubber and plastic machinery, assembly machinery, packaging machinery, stamping machinery, pressure machinery, automobile manufacturing, steel and metallurgical industries and other places.
Cyndar technology safety carpet is a special protection switch, which has the characteristics of solid structure, high sensitivity, long life, low price, safety and reliability, installation freedom and convenience. It can make the on-site passage smooth, safe and convenient.
The operating mode of the safety mat:
      When a person steps on or places a heavy object on the surface of the safety carpet, the contact surfaces of the safety carpet are squeezed together to form a circuit, output signals, control the machine to stop running, and realize the protection of the area.
1. The ambient temperature of the safety carpet
2. Environmental factors for the use of safety carpets, such as water, oil, etc.
3. The degree of protection of the safety carpet

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