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Factors that determine the price of safety carpets

Factors that determine the price of safety carpets

Feb 28,2021
Simply put, the safety carpet is a pressure-sensitive switch, which is mainly used in automatic induction doors, welding robots, material handling, rubber and plastic machinery, assembly machinery, packaging machinery, stamping machinery, pressure machinery, automobile manufacturing, steel and metallurgical industries And other places. So what are the factors that affect the price of safety carpets?

       First, the size of the safety carpet itself. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the safety carpet, the higher the price. Safety carpets are generally priced according to their size when calculating the price.

       Second, whether the size of the safety light curtain contains edge-holding, if the security carpet contains edge-holding, the size of the edge-holding must be subtracted from it when calculating the price, which will affect the price of the safety carpet to a certain extent.

       Third, the quality of the safety carpet itself is good or bad. For any product, the quality itself can be divided into good or bad. The price of a good product will be high, and the quality will be good, so the quality itself will also affect the price.

       Fourth, the cost price of the safety carpet itself, the price of the original device itself will directly affect the price of the safety carpet, the higher the unit cost, the higher the price.
       Fifth, the production process and technology of safety carpets, technological research and development and innovation are the quality assurance of safety carpets, and technical patents are the guarantee of product quality.

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