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Safety protection of safety carpet in industry

Safety protection of safety carpet in industry

February 28,2021
The safety carpet is used for industrial safety protection, such as the safety protection of pipe benders and robot workstations. The safety carpet itself has a simple shape and is directly laid on the place where safety protection is required. When people or objects pass on the carpet, it puts pressure on the carpet. , The safety mat will send a signal to the control point, and then the machine will stop, ensuring the personal safety of the operators who are passing. The range of industrial carpets is very wide. The common point of safety carpets and industrial carpet switches is for safety protection. Safety carpets are also called safety carpet switches, industrial safety carpets, industrial carpet switches, etc., so from the perspective of practical applications, safety carpets and Industrial carpet switches are the same product.
  Everyone should pay attention to buying products with high safety factor and high cost performance when buying safety carpets. Cohen Optoelectronics safety carpets conform to the national CE certification, with safety factor of level 3, dustproof and waterproof grade up to IP65, please contact CYNDAR customer service
Safety carpets, also known as safety carpet switches, industrial protection safety mats, etc., are mainly used for mechanical safety protection, such as pipe benders, forming machines, stamping equipment, robot workstations, etc. Because the size of the safety carpet itself can be customized, it is flexible The safety carpet is relatively strong, easy to install and convenient to use, so the safety carpet is more and more suitable for safety protection. But how long is the production cycle of the safety carpet? The first is to look at the size of the order, the larger the size, the longer the customization time, and the second is to look at the quantity. The more the quantity, the longer the production cycle. The latter is to look at all the manufacturers' orders. If it is the peak season for orders, the production cycle is also very long. The production of safety carpets requires many steps such as material preparation, sizing, cutting, and pressing. The general production cycle is 10 working days.

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