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Five aspects focus on choosing industrial safety carpets. How to install industrial safety carpets?

Five aspects focus on choosing industrial safety carpets. How to install industrial safety carpets?

February 28,2021
Industrial safety carpet, as a special type of industrial carpet, refers to a safety carpet switch that can play a role in regional protection. A switch signal is generated by detecting enough pressure to achieve regional security protection. It has a large protective area and reflects Quick, good protection effect and other characteristics. When purchasing safety carpets, every purchaser hopes to buy products with good quality and cheap prices. How to choose the quality of industrial safety carpet? Why is the effect of safety mat + controller better?
Five steps to identify industrial safety carpets:

First, look at the material of the safety carpet. The quality of the safety carpet is the main one. The quality of the safety carpet determines whether it can really play a role in safety protection during use. It is necessary to use the special load rubber EPM material for the safety carpet. The quality is guaranteed.

Second, look at the workmanship of the safety carpet. From the outside, you can generally see whether the workmanship of the safety carpet is fine and visually comfortable. From the performance point of view, whether it plays a role in safety protection, and whether the design of the circuit is reasonable.

Third, how about the brand of safety carpet? The reputation of the safety carpet brand in the industry, whether it has been used in the industry, etc., can be used as a standard to judge the quality of this special industrial floor mat.

Fourth, the performance indicators of safety carpets, general safety carpets have good electrical resistivity, high tensile strength and tear performance, high-quality wear resistance and corrosion resistance to various acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals.

Fifth, safety carpet factory inspection, safety carpets will inevitably have some small defects in the production process, which requires a complete factory inspection process to further improve the safety carpets and require quality standards.

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