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Safety Carpet-Intelligent Pressure Sensing Fiber Optic Carpet (human load)

Safety Carpet-Intelligent Pressure Sensing Fiber Optic Carpet (human load)

February 28,2021
Safety Carpet-Intelligent Pressure Sensing Fiber Optic Carpet (human load)

1. Background introduction:
The safety mat is a pressure-sensitive safety protection device. When a set minimum weight is applied to the safety mat, the switch will be closed, and the controller will send a stop signal to the protected machine to stop its movement. Reliably protect the operator from various potential hazards.

Safety carpets and safety mats can be used as area protection. Typical applications include: welding robots, rubber and plastic machinery, assembly machinery, material handling, packaging machinery, stamping machinery, pressure machinery, automobile manufacturing, steel and metallurgy industries. Compared with other protection aspects such as mechanical fences, sliding doors, and pull-back limit, the safety mat system is more free, flexible, and labor-saving. The full view and full access characteristics of the working area are still retained, which not only improves safety, but also reduces Accumulation of damage.

It can also be used in the smart home industry. When you open your door and step on your own carpet, the indoor lights will come on. When you wake up at night, you just stepped on the bathroom carpet. The light in the bathroom comes on. When you step into the bathtub, you will find water from the sprinkler gushing out. . . . .

It can also be used for automatic control of medical beds to sense pressure changes. In a hospital or nursing home, the elderly fell on the carpet next to the bed, and the alarm bell made the caregiver arrive quickly. Smart carpets save lives.

Guangzhou CYNDAR Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. uses the proprietary high-elastic optical fiber technology to control the change of luminous flux in optical fiber transmission through the characteristics of elastic optical fiber deformed after being compressed and rebounded after decompression. So as to form a smart surface switch. Developed safety type intelligent pressure sensing fiber optic carpet. The product has been awarded by the country.
2. Performance characteristics:
● Energy saving and environmental protection, high-tech flexible optical fiber technology
● Directly output logic level 0 or 1, or switch signal. Easy to integrate, and the peripheral circuit is extremely simple.
● Surface contact sensing, any point in the carpet plane will respond immediately.
● Anti-electromagnetic interference, light path conduction, safe without electricity.
● Fast response time
● Not afraid of water, not afraid of wet. Very high security.
3. typical application:
1. Production site: surface contact foot switch.
2. Museum: Anti-theft system for key cultural relics display.
3. Office occasions in the building: monitor and control system switches.
4. Home Furnishing: Intelligent system, security system.
5. Medical bed induction system.

Since 2010, Cyndar has been committed to safety sensors. We insist on technological innovation and put customer success first. A professional pre-sales team will guide customers on how to choose the most suitable products.