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Safety carpets are more and more widely used in industrial equipment

Safety carpets are more and more widely used in industrial equipment

February 28,2021
Safety carpets are used more and more widely in industrial equipment. For most people, they will understand safety carpets as safety carpets. As the name suggests, safety carpets are safe. Most people think of safety carpets first when they hear about safety carpets. It is the household carpets we use at home. Safety carpets are different from household carpets. What are the differences? Tell everyone:

  The scope of application of safety carpets is different. Safety carpets are mainly used in dangerous areas where pedestrians pass. These dangerous areas mainly include: steel and metallurgy industry, automobile manufacturing, welding robots and material handling and other occasions. Household carpets are mainly used in the living room or office area of ​​the home, mainly for aesthetics. There are many types and materials of household carpets, and there are also many kinds of printing and embroidered patterns on the carpets. The style of safety carpet is relatively simple, rubber material. The security is relatively strong.

   CYNDAR technology safety carpet not only improves safety at work, but also reduces the accumulation of injuries to a great extent.

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