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Best protection-Lidar and security monitoring solutions

Best protection-Lidar and security monitoring solutions

March 2,2021
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Security monitoring: The security monitoring system uses optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave to transmit video signals in its closed loop, and forms an independent and complete system from camera to image display and recording. It can reflect the monitored object in real time, vividly, and truthfully. It not only greatly extends the observation distance of the human eye, but also expands the function of the human eye. It can replace artificial long-term surveillance in harsh environments, allowing people to see Everything that actually happened to the monitored site was recorded by a video recorder. At the same time, the alarm system equipment alarms the illegal intrusion, and the generated alarm signal is input to the alarm host, and the alarm host triggers the monitoring system to record and record. Lidar: Lidar is a radar system that emits a laser beam to detect the position and speed of the target. In terms of working principle, there is no fundamental difference with microwave radar: the detection signal (laser beam) is transmitted to the target, and then the received signal reflected from the target (target echo) is compared with the transmitted signal, and then processed appropriately. , The relevant information of the target can be obtained, such as the target distance, azimuth, altitude, speed, attitude, and even shape parameters, so as to detect, track and identify targets such as aircraft and missiles. The radar that works in the infrared and visible light bands and uses laser as its working beam is called lidar. It consists of a laser transmitter, an optical receiver, a turntable, and an information processing system. The laser converts electrical pulses into light pulses and emits them. The optical receiver then restores the light pulses reflected from the target to electrical pulses and sends them to the display. With the continuous development of security monitoring equipment to the integration of advanced technology, lidar equipment is regarded as a rising star in the field of security monitoring, playing its unique advantages in this industry.
Safety laser scanner + security monitoring background With the rapid development of the security monitoring field, the security monitoring system is becoming more and more multifunctional, integrated, and intelligent. The security monitoring equipment is also constantly being updated. The traditional single camera The model can no longer fully meet the increasingly complex, diversified, and multi-functional requirements of the security environment. Under this situation, the addition of lidar provides new solutions and functional supplements for the security monitoring industry. Compared with traditional security monitoring systems, laser radar-based security monitoring solutions can not only meet customer-based security protection monitoring and alarm functions, but also enhance the in-depth needs of customers. Lidar is gradually showing unique and huge advantages in the field of security monitoring.

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