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Safety laser scanner + security monitoring advantage

Safety laser scanner + security monitoring advantage

March 2,2021
Safety laser scanner + security monitoring advantage
In recent years, safety lidar technology has developed rapidly, from simple laser ranging technology to laser tracking, laser speed measurement, laser scanning imaging, laser Doppler imaging and other technologies. Its working environment has also developed from the visible light region (ruby laser) to the near-infrared region (Nd: YAG laser), and then the infrared region (CO2 laser), and now many lidars work are harmless to the human eye. In the near-infrared region. As a result, lidars for many different purposes have emerged, such as precision tracking lidars, detection lidars, underwater lidars, etc., making lidar a type of system with multiple functions. Lidar is widely used in many fields such as unmanned driving, AGV smart car, robot movement, UAV surveying and mapping, security monitoring, etc. due to its laser safety, high accuracy, and rapid recognition of obstacles. Lidar has the following advantages when used in the field of security monitoring: 1. Anti-jamming Lidar uses a scanner to actively emit monitoring laser pulses. It does not rely on ambient light and does not need to add additional light sources to fill light, regardless of the change in light during day or night. It can be monitored stably. At the same time, it integrates various anti-environmental interference software and hardware measures to reliably monitor in harsh outdoor environments. 2. Convenience. It can detect both human body and ordinary objects without relying on the far-infrared induction of the biological body, even if the intruder adopts infrared shielding clothing, it can be reliably detected. And it can accurately distinguish the forbidden surveillance area and the open area that is allowed to enter (to reduce the interference of personnel activities in the open area). Compared with the leaky wave cable (buried cable), the volume is small and exquisite, and it can be installed in any position, which is convenient for installation. A single sensor can protect a large area. Small size, easy to conceal installation and reduce installation workload. The shape of the monitoring area can be flexibly set by the user. It is also very convenient to switch parameter settings such as the shape of the monitoring area in the working mode. 3. The precise laser radar uses a laser beam, which has a much higher working frequency than microwaves and has extremely high resolution, which can detect moving objects as well as Can detect stationary objects. At the same time, multiple independent monitoring areas can be set, and multiple independent outputs can be used for different monitoring purposes. When an intruder is detected, it can provide accurate location information, combined with the video system to track and focus in real time.

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