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Security laser scanner and security monitoring market prospects

Security laser scanner and security monitoring market prospects

March 2,2021
Lidar + security monitoring market prospects In recent years, in the context of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, intelligent robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, and unmanned driving have become key investment directions in the global science and technology field, and are regarded as the outlets for future technological changes. Now they have also been applied in the security field. For these smart technologies, lidar is equivalent to "eyes". Without lidar, it would not be able to perceive the surrounding environment and respond accordingly to changes in the environment. Therefore, under this wave of rapid development of intelligent technology, lidar will further accelerate the process of civilian use, so as to be able to firmly land in the security field. In the future, lidar will be used on all smart devices involving environmental perception, or it will become the next high ground for global technology companies to seize. According to statistics from Goldman Sachs, the global lidar market will reach 12 billion yuan in 2020 and 70 billion yuan in 2025. It is foreseeable that lidar will become a new blue ocean market. From the current point of view, Lidar has a good development prospect in the security field, but it has not yet formed a large-scale production, and the price is still high, so the penetration rate is not very high. And from a global perspective, in addition to the established lidar companies, more start-ups are still in the technology research and development stage, let alone allow lidar to occupy a place in the security market. At present, the lidar industry is on the eve of its outbreak. Whoever can break through the shackles of technology first will have the initiative. The market seems to be glamorous, but the competition remains the same.

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