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What are the precautions for the use of safety light curtains?

What are the precautions for the use of safety light curtains?

Mar 22,2021
Check whether the safety light curtain is firmly fixed on the equipment to equipment, screen sensors transmitters and receivers is. In a plane. These are safety light curtain in use process should pay attention to the problem.1 keep out safety light curtain, observe whether the indicator light conversion to normal.2 punch photoelectric protection device in use process shall not be arbitrarily change the location of the photoelectric protection device.3. The protection range, shade curtain light, machine tool slide block should be able to immediately stop.4 the slider (180 degrees) when in the dead center, covering screen, machine tool slide block should be able to return.5 for press can only realize the TDC protection, stop at the top dead center, the slide block, block holds off screen, the next trip cannot be started.After six mould replacement, must adjust the photoelectric protection device by charge of personnel safety distance and location.7 fold with photoelectric protection device and the transmission line, should first turn off the power supply, a professional must operate.8 check safety light curtain of transmitters and receivers, and whether their cable assembly in place accurately, as well as the terminal of the cable is connected to the power supply and control unit are accurate and stable9. Put safety light curtain sensors through to power supply, this time screen start self-checking, synchronization, and the calibration of sensor and about 1 seconds, emitter yellow light stability, receiver lights put out entirely, said light sensors into the normal working condition.

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