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guangzhou CYNDAR electronic technology detection grating-special for logistics sorting

guangzhou CYNDAR electronic technology detection grating-special for logistics sorting

March 30,2021
guangzhou CYNDAR electronic technology detection grating-special for logistics sorting

       At the moment, with the rapid development of the Internet information age, "online shopping" has become the main consumption channel for contemporary people. At the same time, e-commerce logistics faces large quantities of goods. How can they quickly distinguish them and deliver them to buyers? At this time, it is necessary to talk about our SYNDAR CLT/CMT series of detection gratings, which use synchronous scanning to identify blocked channels. First, a transmitter sends out a light pulse and the corresponding receiver searches for the pulse at the same time. When it is found, the scan of one channel is completed, and then it turns to the next channel until all the scans are completed. When a cycle scan is completed, the system records which channels are open and which channels are blocked, and output a signal according to the system definition. This signal can be an analog signal, a switch signal, or an RS485 communication signal. The high-precision CLT series measuring light curtain is suitable for high-precision detection and measurement. Including online inspection, size measurement, contour inspection, precision correction, hole inspection, shape inspection, edge and center positioning, tension control, part counting, online product size inspection and similar inspections and measurements above. Each system includes a pair of high-resolution transmitter and receiver, and two cables.

     Usually, when we measure the size of the cabinet, we are accustomed to using manual measurement. In this way, not only the work efficiency is low, but there are also large errors between the measured data. Especially in the fields of warehousing and logistics, there is a large demand for detection and measurement of object size, etc. Relying solely on manual detection and measurement not only reduces work efficiency, but also puts a certain pressure on the production cost of enterprises. Therefore, the use of measurement gratings has stable performance and high accuracy, which not only solves the efficiency problem very well, but also controls the cost of the enterprise.

    The stainless steel housing used by the cyndar measuring grating blocks interference sources, is simple, fast and accurate, and has a variety of detection distances. The minimum detection distance can reach 1.25mm, and it can detect ultra-long beam distances. The response speed can reach 0.5ms. With RS232 communication function, the measuring light curtain with special communication signals can also be customized according to customer needs. Automated logistics sorting uses the principle of detecting gratings to quickly calculate the volume of objects, so as to sort them to achieve high-efficiency results. When the inspected goods are sorted, they are collected on a conveyor belt through manual handling, mechanical handling, automated handling and other channels. After passing through the sorting equipment, the final sorting is carried out by setting the range with its own barcode, so as to quickly and accurately proceed. Goods sorting.

    The following are the characteristics of cyndar detection grating:
1. High sensitivity detection: high sensitivity≤(n+1)*0.1ms;
2. It has good anti-interference ability and double loop guarantee for light sources such as electromagnetic interference, stroboscopic light, welding arc light, fluorescent light, and sunlight;
3. Use aviation plugs to ensure a firm connection;
4. The working voltage range is DC10V-DC30V and can work reliably;
6. Good shock resistance and dust resistance (end caps and filters have gaskets);
7. With self-check failure alarm function. Automatically detect faults and ignore (shield) the problematic beam, and still maintain normal operation, while outputting an alarm signal.
8. Can be customized for personal protection, object detection, size measurement, and other special purposes;

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