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The importance of installing safety light curtains on presses

The importance of installing safety light curtains on presses

April 13,2021
Punch is a kind of pressure press. Compared with traditional processing machinery, it has the advantages of higher efficiency and material saving, but it is very dangerous for the operator of the punch. The occurrence of a crush accident is a very bad influence, even a disaster, for both the operator and the company.
The importance of installing safety light curtains on presses
The safety light curtain plays a role of safety protection at this time. How does the safety light curtain prevent accidents from happening?

The working principle of the safety light curtain: The transmitter of the safety light curtain emits infrared light, and the receiver receives the emitted light. When foreign objects enter or block the light emitted by the transmitter, the protection device will send out a signal to control the machinery and equipment. Stop the operation or issue an alarm signal to prevent accidents.

The safety light curtain does not allow two hands to enter the debugging
Objects that reflect light are not allowed around
There should be no excessive dust and oil stains, regular cleaning is required

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