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Why do stamping machine tools use safety light curtains for safety protection?

Why do stamping machine tools use safety light curtains for safety protection?

April 16,2021
Historical data shows that stamping accidents account for a larger percentage of accidents in the production process of all machinery. Personal accidents on the punching machine are three times higher than that of ordinary machinery. 20% of the workers in the stamping workshop are injured each year, of which 50% of them are injured. %. It usually occurs when picking and delivering parts, during mold installation and adjustment, when correcting or supporting materials during equipment operation...In stamping equipment operations, during feeding, picking, or loading and unloading, the movement of the operating point causes the hands to be easily pinched. Being involved in machines, etc., caused one bloody personal injury accidents.
The safety light curtain is a photoelectric safety protection device. When the safety light curtain is in operation, it produces a through-beam infrared light protection light curtain, which can form a safety protection for potentially dangerous machinery and equipment. If the light beam emitted by the safety light curtain is blocked, The light curtain receiver transmits the signal, and the machinery and equipment will stop running or generate a safety alarm to realize timely regional safety protection.
The installation of safety light curtains on stamping machine tools and other machinery and equipment can reliably protect the operators from various potential hazards, thereby protecting the personal safety of the workers, creating a good production environment for the operators, reducing the production risk factor, and protecting the industry. The production is orderly, and the production efficiency is improved.
Not only stamping machine tools, but in the modernization of industrial production, all kinds of machinery and equipment are becoming more and more complex, and many machinery industries have certain safety hazards. Today's safety light curtain products have been widely used in stamping machinery, forging machinery, shearing machinery, tooling equipment, automated assembly lines, mold making machinery, filter press machinery, rubber machinery, injection molding machinery, paper cutting machinery, three-dimensional garages, bending machinery , Automatic coating equipment, automatic storage equipment, automatic welding line and other dangerous areas and occasions. Because of its high sensitivity, high performance, long service life, convenient and quick installation, and small space usage, safety light curtains will be used in more and more areas to avoid mechanical safety accidents in terms of ensuring the safety of industrial production and operating environments. happened.

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