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CYNDAR light curtain conventional specification introduction

CYNDAR light curtain conventional specification introduction

June 14,2021
CYNDAR light curtain is an intuitive and easy-to-operate safety device, suitable for machine safety protection. They are designed to withstand the challenges common in manufacturing and packaging environments.

Three resolutions (detection capabilities) are available: 14mm, 20mm and 40mm, and their beam distances are all 0.3-12m (39 ft)
Each transmitter and receiver is equipped with a 5mm embedded window, as well as a 3mm thick aluminum shell and metal back cover to protect against impact
System setup is fast and easy, no PC software, DIP switch or other equipment is required
Highly visible calibration indicator, easy setting for intuitive debugging, easy troubleshooting, and minimize system downtime
Dual scanning technology makes the sensor highly immune to electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference, environmental light sources, welding bumps and flashing lights.
No blind zone design provides end-to-end sensing and eliminates detection gaps.
Up to 4 systems of any length, resolution and number of beams can be connected in series.
The IP65/IP67 rated transmitter/receiver pair exceeds the OSHA/ANSI control reliability requirements and is certified as Level 4/IEC 61946, Level 4 PLe/EN ISO13849.1 and SIL3/SILCL3/ IEC 61508/IEC 62061
CYNDAR pair models include a LS receiver, LS transmitter, end cap bracket kit and center mounting bracket kit

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