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About safety carpet

About safety carpet

August 25,2021
1) What is a safety carpet?
Safety carpet, also called safety mat. It is a pressure-sensitive safety protection device. When a set minimum weight is applied to the safety mat, the switch will be closed, and the controller will send a stop signal to the protected machine to stop its movement. Reliably protect the operator from various potential hazards.

2) What is the function of the safety carpet?
Safety mats are used to detect people who have stood or stepped on in a specific area. In industrial applications, it belongs to automatic equipment. Meet the highest safety protection requirements. The safety carpet protection system can detect whether there are people in the laying area within a certain period of time, and prevent personal injury and danger caused by the movement of the machine in the area. Provide necessary safety protection for personnel working in hazardous areas.
3) What is the structure of the safety carpet?
There are PVC plastic surface layer and NBR rubber surface layer.
The PVC plastic surface is laminated and cast with an impact-resistant structure, which will not peel off, and has a strong ability to corrode various chemicals.
The NBR rubber surface layer is high-density and very stable and durable, and can withstand various impacts.
4) What is the working principle of the safety carpet?
When anyone steps on the mat or places a load on the surface, the two parallel contact surfaces are pressed together to form an electrical circuit.
When someone walks through the carpet area and steps on the safety carpet, the safety carpet can detect the pressure exerted on it by the human body. At this time, the safety carpet will output a disconnection signal from the switch output device. At this time, a regional security protection will be realized.

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