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Safety touch edge introduction

Safety touch edge introduction

September 25,2021
Safety touch edge introduction
The HL-1603 safety contact edge is a flexible and bendable ribbon, which can be fixed on the edge where there is a danger of squeezing and shearing to achieve safety protection. If the controller is connected, the pressure output switch signal is detected, and the personal safety can be protected by controlling the machine circuit.
Safe touch edge principle
The safety edge is a belt type safety switch. The HL1619 safety edge or safety buffer can be classified as a "belt" device. The safety edge or safety buffer will not restrict access but just "feel" it. The safety edge and the safety buffer rely entirely on their sense and switching capabilities to provide safety protection. Therefore, the reliable control of the control circuit of the safety edge or the safety buffer is very important. Usually safety wear or safety buffers are only used on machines that have moving parts that are immediately worthwhile after the power is dissipated.

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