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Introduction to CYNDAR safety carpets.

Introduction to CYNDAR safety carpets.

Sep 28,2021
Introduction to CYNDAR safety carpets.
The CYNDAR PSM series of industrial safety carpets is a device that can be used for ground protection in hazardous areas. It generates a switch signal by detecting enough pressure to realize area safety protection. Safe and reliable, installation is free and convenient. The safety carpet has excellent corrosion resistance to various acids, alkalis, salts and other chemical substances, and it is expected to work more than one million times. It adopts a special heavy-duty NBR rubber and impact-resistant steel plate structure without peeling. The dynamic bearing capacity reaches 20-1000Kg. The size of the safety carpet is from 300X600 to 1200X1800, and the size can be customized according to the actual protection requirements of customers. There are two types of safety carpet pressing edges, aluminum alloy edges, installed on the aluminum bottom plate of the preset cable trough.

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