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How to use safety carpet

How to use safety carpet

December 25,2021
How to use safety carpet
1. When purchasing Xinda safety carpets, customers should measure the size of their desired location in advance, and place an order according to the changed size. Cohen safety carpets can be customized, and the size can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. One point is that Cohen safety carpets can be spliced ​​together. For supporting blank holder, blank holder size is 50mm, so the blank holder size is generally 90mm longer on both sides.

2. If the installation is in a place with harsh working conditions and a lot of oil pollution, pay attention to installing wood or plastic boards at the bottom of the safety carpet to play a role of oil barrier! The safety carpet is generally made of natural rubber, but a few will use rubber Crushed materials or PVC materials, if these materials are immersed in oil, they will bulge.

  3. When installing the safety carpet, pay attention to whether there are water, dust, acid and alkali substances. If you encounter these substances, you should try to avoid them. Regularly clean the safety carpet, clean the bottom of the foreign matter, wipe the surface dust, etc., wipe with a semi-dry cloth.
   Safety carpets will appear in a factory, but we need to understand the use of carpets.

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