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CYNDAR PSM series installation and adjustment

CYNDAR PSM series installation and adjustment

December 27,2021
CYNDAR PSM series installation and adjustment
The pressure pad sensor should be installed on a flat and smooth surface, and use a traditional floor covering (such as carpet or flat rubber mat. The covering is used to protect the pressure pad sensor from damage and to ensure that there is no danger of tripping or slipping. Care should be taken. Do not press the cable to the connection of the pressure pad. This is especially important where the long lead wire is installed. If the pressure pad is installed on the chair seat, the pad must be installed on the flat rigid base of the seat, covered with a layer of protection, usually It is cushioning foam or padding, and then soft cushion. Due to the variable thickness of foam, density, upholstery materials and accessories, customers need to test the feasibility of pressure cushions in this type of situation.

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