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Data measurement Zone detection switch sensor safety laser scanner

Data measurement Zone detection switch sensor safety laser scanner

Data measurement Zone detection switch sensor safety laser scanner
Data measurement Zone detection switch sensor safety laser scannerData measurement Zone detection switch sensor safety laser scannerData measurement Zone detection switch sensor safety laser scannerData measurement Zone detection switch sensor safety laser scannerData measurement Zone detection switch sensor safety laser scanner
Categories2D safety laser scanner sensor
Laser safety levelLow power 905nm (laser safety standard level)
Frequency of detection15Hz/30Hz
Detection angle range270 degrees
Detection angle resolution0.1 º/0.3°
Work area0.05m-5m
Self-learning functionConstruct areas and area groups by scanning the su
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Update TimeSeptember 24,2023
Detail Information

Measure and automate switch sensor hit safety laser scanner

CYNDAR's compact TOF-05D measurement safety laser scanner supports parallel scanning and is developed for industrial automation applications that need to measure, count, and identify objects. Measurement and detection laser sensors are used for measurement, automation and control. According to the laser point and position of the interrupted two-dimensional plane, the lidar will convey relevant information to the PC or PLC.

2d laser scanner sensor working principle
The 2d laser scanner sensor is detected based on the TOF time-of-flight principle. The principle of TOF is shown in Figure 2. The laser emits a laser pulse, and the time of emission is recorded by a timer, and the return light is received by the receiver and is received by the timer. Record the time of return. By subtracting the two times, the "time of flight" of light is obtained, and the speed of light is constant, so the distance can be easily calculated after the speed and time are known.

Laser measurement safety scanner
Measurement safety laser scanners are very suitable for detecting the presence of objects, counting product parts, determining the location of specific objects, and checking shape, contour or size. Detect shape and contour and determine size.
These real-time data are quickly and effectively transmitted to the PC through the two-dimensional safety laser scanner. CYNDAR provides software that can control the safety laser scanner. If you buy it now, you can ask the customer service for more information about the laser measurement safety scanner. Advisory Service.
Product parameter

Item category

Two-dimensional switch sensor safety laser scanner

product code


I/O output (selection)

NPN(Can be set to normally open or normally closed)

Recognizable body shape

Almost any shape

PNP(Can be set to normally open or normally closed)

system error


Laser safety level

905nm(class I)

Number of working areas

16 area groups, each area group contains 3 areas

Scanning frame rate




Scanning angle


I/O input


Scan angle resolution

0.1 º/0.3°

I/O input


Detection distance


I/O output

PNP*3 Equipment working status indication*1

With self-learning button

Automatically scan the environment, generate area

Signal output hold time

100ms-10000ms (adjustable) 330ms typical

Electrical link

DB15MALE/discrete line

Reaction time

67ms-30000ms (adjustable) 134ms typical

Operating Voltage


Status Indicator

Status indication*1, area group indication*3




10-55Hz, amplitude 0.75mm, XYZ triaxial, 2 hours per axis; 50-200Hz, 196m/s² (20G), scanning speed 2min/x cycle, XYZ triaxial, 2 hours per axis

Switch drive


range of working temperature

905nm(class I)

Shape tone

Color blue

Storage temperature range


Waterproof and dustproof grade


Environmental illuminance range


body weight

150g body weight (without cables)

Specification (length * width * height)


Product Size
Product software:The software has 2 working modes
Edit interface
Edit bar: used to edit areas and area groups to meet user needs.
Monitoring interface
Display bar: used to display the effect of area editing and point cloud data.
Product parts
1.95m power cord
 Use USB to serial communication between host computer, length 1m

05D series have mounting screw holes at the bottom and side, users can use standard screws to fix the radar
Product application scenarios and others
TOF-05D can set 16 area groups, suitable for multiple shape detection
The use of safety laser scanner sensors can detect material flow detection in industrial crushers and control automated industrial production
Use the safety laser scanner sensor to count and detect the quantity to realize automated industrial production
Using the safety laser scanner sensor, it can detect empty bags and liquid level, realize automatic industrial production and improve product quality
Using the safety laser scanner sensor can realize contour detection in production, contour detection in logistics, piece counting, etc.

Factory and product content
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