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Smallest compact structure safety laser scanner sensor area protection

Smallest compact structure safety laser scanner sensor area protection

Smallest compact structure safety laser scanner sensor area protection
Smallest compact structure safety laser scanner sensor area protectionSmallest compact structure safety laser scanner sensor area protectionSmallest compact structure safety laser scanner sensor area protectionSmallest compact structure safety laser scanner sensor area protectionSmallest compact structure safety laser scanner sensor area protection
Categories2D safety laser scanner sensor
Ltem categorysafety laser scanner sensor area protection
Frequency of detection15Hz/30Hz
Detection angle range270º
system error±30mm
Work area0.05m-5m
Range of working temperature905nm(class I)
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Update TimeSeptember 24,2023
Detail Information

Safety laser scanner sensor area protection The advantages at a glance:

Optimal protection for hazardous areas-with the help of a safety laser scanner

Hazardous area safety laser scanners can detect whether people are approaching dangerous movements. If you enter the warning area, the dangerous movement will be controlled; if you enter the protected area, the dangerous movement will be stopped. The protection zone and warning zone can be flexibly configured and adapted to environmental conditions.

Applications involving human-computer interaction do require security solutions.

Can be easily integrated into the application: freely configure the protection zone and warning zone, including adjustments to meet various environmental conditions

Safety laser scanner sensor area protection product advantages
CYNDAR, as one of the world's leading suppliers of safety laser scanners, has designed products that are easy to use, easy to install and debug, and easy to replace.
Performance characteristics of safety laser scanner TOF-05D:
270° detection range and 5m protection distance
Up to 16 area groups
0.1° high precision angular resolution
Super anti-dust interference
High-precision measurement data output
Safely monitor the equipment working area and optimize human-machine collaboration

safety laser scanner sensor area protection working mode
The TD series has 4 working modes:
1. Monitoring mode
This mode is the normal working mode of TD series. When an object invades, the radar will give an alarm through LED lights and corresponding output signals.
When the 05D series is powered on, it automatically enters the monitoring mode.
2. Edit mode
This mode is the working mode when the user edits the 05D series work area group.
The user uses the 05D series Designer software to edit the area and the area group, so that the radar enters the editing mode.
3. Self-learning mode
The user scans the surrounding environment through the 05D series to generate the mode of the work area group.
Long press the "self-learning button" on the housing of 05D series to make 05D enter self-learning mode, as shown in the figure:
4.Standby mode
The 05D series is in standby mode in Standby mode, and work is suspended. The main features are:
(1) The motor stops rotating.
(2) The point cloud upload is stopped.
(3) The area group is uploaded and downloaded normally.
The user enters the signal to make the radar enter the standby state.
Safety first-a more efficient solution for industrial safety
CYNDAR safety laser scanner is the perfect crystallization of advanced proprietary technology, experience and best performance. The compact device scans its surroundings and measures the distance based on the time-of-flight measurement principle. The integrated rotating mirror can generate two-dimensional monitoring results of an arbitrarily determined protection zone.
Product parameter

Item category

safety laser scanner sensor area protection

product code


I/O output (selection)

NPN(Can be set to normally open or normally closed)

Recognizable body shape

Almost any shape

PNP(Can be set to normally open or normally closed)

system error


Laser safety level

905nm(class I)

Number of working areas

16 area groups, each area group contains 3 areas

Scanning frame rate




Scanning angle


I/O input


Scan angle resolution

0.1 º/0.3°

I/O input


Detection distance


I/O output

PNP*3 Equipment working status indication*1

With self-learning button

Automatically scan the environment, generate area

Signal output hold time

100ms-10000ms (adjustable) 330ms typical

Electrical link

DB15MALE/discrete line

Reaction time

67ms-30000ms (adjustable) 134ms typical

Operating Voltage


Status Indicator

Status indication*1, area group indication*3




10-55Hz, amplitude 0.75mm, XYZ triaxial, 2 hours per axis; 50-200Hz, 196m/s² (20G), scanning speed 2min/x cycle, XYZ triaxial, 2 hours per axis

Switch drive


range of working temperature

905nm(class I)

Shape tone

Color blue

Storage temperature range


Waterproof and dustproof grade


Environmental illuminance range


body weight

150g body weight (without cables)

Specification (length * width * height)


CYNDAR safety laser scanner sensor area protection Size
Safety laser scanner sensor area protection software:There are 2 ways to use the software
Edit interface
Edit bar: used to edit areas and area groups to meet user needs.
Monitoring interface
Display bar: used to display the effect of area editing and point cloud data.
Parts of Safety laser scanner sensor
1.95m connect to external power cord
With 1m USB cable to connect to the host computer

GND/NC*4, NPN *3
With screw holes can be used to fix 2D infrared laser scanner sensor safety laser scanner
Product application scenarios and others
TOF-05D safety laser scanner sensor can be used for area protection, warehouses, banks, automated factories, etc.
Prevent rear invasion
When it is difficult to see the inside of the dangerous area, the safety laser scanner will detect the current position of the person. Therefore, they can effectively prevent the restart of dangerous sports
Applicationrequirements: One station in the automobile factory needs to produce two different models of cars, and the chassis of different models have corresponding changes. In order to protect the battery of electric vehicles, the skid must be changed accordingly. We need to detect the presence of skids on the chassis. The number of sliding warps to be changed on the chassis is 7, the color of the skid is black, and the diameter of each skid is between 10-20mm, and stable detection is required within the range of 2-3 meters. The TOF-05D series safety laser scanner is recommended. The detection distance is up to 5 meters, the angular resolution is 0.1°, and the skid can be detected stably at a distance of 3 meters.
This logistics warehousing project needs to install safety protection before and after stacking cranes and shuttle cars. When there are obstacles or people in front of the laser safety scanner, the stacker needs to be stopped to ensure a safe distance.
The safety laser sensor protects the dangerous area by moving it to prevent AGV vehicles from hitting people on the road. The distance between the front edge of the protected area and the front end of the vehicle must be greater than the parking distance of the vehicle (corresponding to the selected speed and maximum load). The control system selects the protection area according to the speed, and selects the vertical protection area on the side when turning.

Questions and answers for safety lidar
Questions and answers for safety lidar
Q: Can lidar detect transparent glass?
A: Lidar is based on the principle of optical detection. The laser will pass through transparent glass, causing a certain probability of missed detection. We recommend adding some auxiliary reflection methods for scenes with a lot of glass, such as sticking frosted stickers, or cooperating with other non-optical sensors as a supplement.

Q: Is lidar harmful to eyes?
A: Our radar products comply with class I laser eye safety standards, and their laser intensity is lower than the human eye damage threshold and will not cause eye damage. Of course, we still recommend not to look directly at the lidar at close range for a long time, and try to avoid placing it at the same height as the level of the human eye during installation.

Q: Why are there two distances in the lidar range index?
A: The ranging of lidar relies on the reflection of the laser irradiated on the target object. The white surface has high reflectivity and the black surface has low reflectivity. Different reflectivity will cause differences in the effective range of the radar.
Lidar Safety Laser Scanner Factory Picture
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