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obstacle avoidance using lidar making Mobile Robots Smarter and Safer

obstacle avoidance using lidar making Mobile Robots Smarter and Safer

obstacle avoidance using lidar making Mobile Robots Smarter and Safer
obstacle avoidance using lidar making Mobile Robots Smarter and Saferobstacle avoidance using lidar making Mobile Robots Smarter and Saferobstacle avoidance using lidar making Mobile Robots Smarter and Saferobstacle avoidance using lidar making Mobile Robots Smarter and Saferobstacle avoidance using lidar making Mobile Robots Smarter and Safer
CategoriesAGV uses safety laser scanner with warning area
Product name2D TOF Obstacle Avoidance Lidar
Detection angle resolution0.1 º/0.3°
Detection angle range270 degrees
Detection angle range±30mm
Work area0.05m-5m
Supply voltageDC9V-28V
Terms of PaymentT/T, Paypal
Update TimeSeptember 24,2023
Detail Information

Obstacle avoidance using lidar making Mobile Robots Smarter and Safer

The indoor environment of autonomous mobile robots and land vehicles cannot leave the distance detection. Among active rangefinders, laser rangefinder safety scanners have higher accuracy and better directionality, and mobile robot navigation has been widely used in research. The laser ranging radar can be obtained directly from the data, providing a convenient and effective environment description for robot navigation.

2D laser ranging safety scanner is suitable for indoor mobile robot applications
TOF-05D is a two-dimensional lidar that scans a plane of data. Its characteristics are:
①It can sense obstacles within 5 meters, and the scanning range can reach 270 degrees
②The angle measurement accuracy is high, you can set 0.1 degree or 0.3 degree by yourself
Can detect obstacles within ±3mm
③Sweep time is short, response time 67ms-30000ms

2d laser scanner lidar area protection
Area type:The laser scanner safety sensor lidar can be set in almost any shape, the geometric shape of the area and its relationship with other areas. The areas are divided into the following types:

Rectangular area
Polygonal area
Sector ratio area
Full scale area
Arc area
Linear scale area
Area group-independent area
Area group-associated area
Safety laser sensor Safety laser scanner
The full name of AGV is "Automatic Guided Vehicle". In order to realize the autonomous movement of AGV, a variety of sensors are needed. These sensors are like the "eyes" of AGV. Choosing a suitable "eye" plays an important role in the design of AGV. TOF-05D safety laser scanner can detect surrounding obstacles safely on AGV vehicles
Product parameter

Product name

2D TOF Obstacle Avoidance Lidar

Product number


IO output(Option)





Measurement error


Laser safety level

Low power 905nm (laser safety standard level)

Self-learning function

Construct areas and area groups by scanning the surrounding environment

Frequency of detection


Detection angle range

270 degrees

Signal output hold time

100ms-10000ms (adjustable) 330ms typical

Switch output

NPN*3 Equipment working status indication*1

Detection angle resolution

0.1 º/0.3°

Work area


Response time

67ms-30000ms (adjustable) 134ms typical

Status Indicator

Power indicator*1, status indicator*3

Number of area groups

16 custom areas can be set (polygon, rectangle, arc can be set), each area group can be set for early warning, warning, stop


10-55Hz, amplitude 0.75mm, XYZ triaxial, 2 hours per axis; 50-200Hz, 196m/s² (20G), scanning speed 2min/x cycle, XYZ triaxial, 2 hours per axis

Electrical link

DB15 MALE/discrete line

USB to serial communication

Connect with host computer via Micro-USB

Supply voltage


Working temperature

-10ºC ▬ +55 ºC

Power consumption


Storage temperature range

-30ºC ▬ +75 ºC

Switch drive

DC 30V 50mA

Resistance to ambient light


Shell color


Size (length*width*height)


Protection level


Recognizable object shape

Most any shape


150g without cable


Robotic arm safety laser scanner Size
Robotic arm safety laser scanner software:There are 2 ways to use the software
Edit interface
Edit bar: used to edit areas and area groups to meet user needs.
Monitoring interface
Display bar: used to display the effect of area editing and point cloud data.
Safety laser scanner sensor Power accessories
1.95m power cord
 USB to serial communication between host computer, length 1m

05D series have mounting screw holes at the bottom and side, users can use standard screws to fix the radar
AGV, AMR, transportation robot obstacle avoidance using lidar
Provide professional intelligent system solutions for warehouses, modern logistics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing and other industries. Provide 2D safety laser sensors and safety laser scanners
The sorting robot realizes the fully automated production of product production, improves product production efficiency and accuracy, and sets up a safety laser scanner around the sorting robot
The logistics of the finished product warehouse and raw material warehouse of the electronic precision factory adopts AGV mobile robots. The AGV robots are equipped with a 05D safety lidar in the front and rear to avoid collisions during the handling process.
For cranes and transportation industries, install a TOF-05D safety laser 2 at the rear to scan the surrounding environment (within 270 degrees) to avoid collisions
The 2D laser radar safety laser scanner is installed before and after the material rack lifting AMR, which can avoid obstacles and help CNC equipment factories to realize the autonomous transportation of materials in dynamic and complex scenarios.
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