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2D safety laser scanner sensor for laser navigation and positioning

2D safety laser scanner sensor for laser navigation and positioning

2D safety laser scanner sensor for laser navigation and positioning
2D safety laser scanner sensor for laser navigation and positioning2D safety laser scanner sensor for laser navigation and positioning2D safety laser scanner sensor for laser navigation and positioning2D safety laser scanner sensor for laser navigation and positioning2D safety laser scanner sensor for laser navigation and positioning
CategoriesNavigation and positioning robot AGV safety laser scanner sensor
Product name2D-TOF navigation type safety laser scanner
Measuring distance0.1-30M (90% equivalent emissivity)
Use swap inIndoor and outdoor
system error±25mm
Scan angle range270º
Minimum angular resolution0.014°
Terms of PaymentT/T, Paypal
Update TimeSeptember 24,2023
Detail Information

lidar indoor navigation features

●270˚ scan, extremely small angle resolution up to 0.08˚

●USB interface, Ethernet 100BASE-TX

●laser scanner safety sensor 3 warning areas

●16 kinds of area group settings (quick configuration, fast loading)

●laser scanner sensor automatic learning (learning according to the field scene, monitoring the outline)

●Pause function, taking into account the production (built-in shutdown and restart functions, with the production line moving countermeasures)

●IP65 dustproof and waterproof

The safety lidar scanner sensor is a radar system that emits a laser beam to detect the position and speed of the target. Its working principle is to transmit a detection signal (laser beam) to the target, and then compare the received signal (target echo) from the target with the transmitted signal, and after proper processing, the relevant information of the target can be obtained, such as Target distance, azimuth, height, speed, attitude, and even shape and other parameters.
Safety laser scanner data communication mode
There are two modes for the data communication between the laser navigation radar and the host computer, one is the passive upload data mode of the radar, and the other is the active radar upload data mode.
When the lidar is powered on, the default data transmission mode is the active upload data mode. At this time, the upper computer can use the radar active upload data mode to obtain data, or the radar passive upload data mode to obtain data (the radar upload data mode at this time) Change to passive upload data mode). When the radar data transmission mode is the passive radar upload data mode, the lidar will only support this mode to upload data, and the radar active upload data mode is not supported, unless the radar is restarted.

Safety scanners Product parameter 

Item category

2D-TOF navigation type safety lidar scanner

product code


Measuring distance

0.1-30M (90% equivalent emissivity)

Use swap in

Indoor and outdoor

Measurement error


system error


Scan angle range


Continuous error


Scanning frame rate


Minimum angular resolution


Laser safety level

905nm class I

Power consumption


Status Indicator

Power indicator, status indicator

Anti-ambient light


range of working temperature


Waterproof and dustproof grade




Output port

Ethernet output, 2 switch output,


Barrier-free compatible Sxxx LMS141/lms111 (unopened)

XD-TOF-30 function
XD-TOF-10HM accessories and interfaces
XD-TOF-10HM safety laser sensor product size
Safety laser scanner indicator
XD-TOF-10HM software diagram and cloud point diagram
Product application scenarios and others
Safety laser scanner for industrial/commercial robot navigation
These lighter, lower-cost robots can be equipped with safety laser scanner sensors, enabling them to work with humans in industrial environments and become "COBOT" (collaborative robots). Robots can perform specific tasks such as grasping small objects, observing, and even learning to deal with "edge cases".
Service robots have become an urgent need in our industry. The most basic requirement of indoor service robots is positioning and navigation. This problem has always restricted the development and application of robots. Safety issues are the primary consideration, especially human factors, dynamic navigation, and autonomous avoidance. Obstacles make the service robot have the necessary guarantee for safety. The local planning algorithm performs local dynamic path planning, safe obstacle avoidance, and dynamic navigation
In the AGV field, the application of single-line laser radar safety laser scanner is the main.
The safety laser scanner can help the robot avoid obstacles. Its scanning speed is fast, the resolution is strong, and the reliability is high. Compared with the multi-line lidar, the single-line lidar reacts more quickly in angular frequency and sensitivity. Therefore, when testing the surrounding obstacles The distance and accuracy of objects are more accurate. The single-line radar can scan in a plane to create a map, and the user can choose to integrate with the visual sensor. TOF-30 with robot programming software for user development
Laser navigation achieves more precise navigation and positioning. CYNDAR's TOF-30 product has been widely used in mobile robot navigation; intelligent mobile robot automatic classification, triggering, speed measurement, separation and other fields.
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