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Compact safety laser scanner lidar based navigation for robots

Compact safety laser scanner lidar based navigation for robots

Compact safety laser scanner lidar based navigation for robots
Compact safety laser scanner lidar based navigation for robotsCompact safety laser scanner lidar based navigation for robotsCompact safety laser scanner lidar based navigation for robotsCompact safety laser scanner lidar based navigation for robotsCompact safety laser scanner lidar based navigation for robots
CategoriesNavigation and positioning robot AGV safety laser scanner sensor
Product name2D-TOF navigation type safety laser scanner
Measuring distance0.1-30M (90% equivalent emissivity)
Use swap inIndoor and outdoor
system error±25mm
Scan angle range270º
Minimum angular resolution0.014°
Terms of PaymentT/T, Paypal
Update TimeSeptember 24,2023
Detail Information

Agv lidar navigation product description

The 45 kHz laser sampling rate supported by Navigation is ahead of the industry, and 45,000 point cloud data per second enables precise restoration of the surrounding environment. The user can change the motor speed through configuration, so that the output point cloud image frame rate can be adjusted within the range of 10-30 Hz. Corresponding to the high sampling rate, Navigation provides an angular resolution of up to 0.08°, which greatly enhances the ability to recognize small targets and effectively reduces the missed detection rate.

How lidar navigation works
The laser navigation sensor is a TOF radar safety laser scanner. Its core components include optics, mechanics, circuits, and software. When working, the laser emits a beam of laser light, which will be reflected when it hits the object. The receiver detects the reflected light signal, and then measures the time difference between the reflected light and the emitted light through the time analysis module, multiplying by time The distance traveled by the light is obtained at the speed of light, and the position of the object to be measured is calculated

Safety scanners Product parameter 

Item category

2D-TOF navigation type safety lidar scanner

product code


Measuring distance

0.1-30M (90% equivalent emissivity)

Use swap in

Indoor and outdoor

Measurement error


system error


Scan angle range


Continuous error


Scanning frame rate


Minimum angular resolution


Laser safety level

905nm class I

Power consumption


Status Indicator

Power indicator, status indicator

Anti-ambient light


range of working temperature


Waterproof and dustproof grade




Output port

Ethernet output, 2 switch output,


Barrier-free compatible Sxxx LMS141/lms111 (unopened)

XD-TOF-30 function
XD-TOF-10HM accessories and interfaces
XD-TOF-10HM safety laser sensor product size
Safety laser scanner indicator
XD-TOF-10HM software diagram and cloud point diagram
Product application scenarios and others
Safety laser scanner for industrial/commercial robot navigation
High-tech safety laser scanner sensor application: Mobile robots are mainly used for the handling of production materials in the manufacturing process, including the loading from the warehouse to the production line, the flow of defective products from the production line to the production line, and the testing and inspection of semi-finished products. And the handling of finished products and so on. The use of mobile robots is not only to reduce the labor costs of enterprises, but also to conform to the general trend of intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading, so that factories can meet the demands of equipment networking, monitoring and analysis under the industry 4.0 mode.
The indoor service robot industry is developing rapidly, and the demand for indoor service robots is also increasing. Indoor service robots not only need to have the ability to recognize environmental information, but also need to have the ability to navigate and avoid obstacles in the environment, and are widely used in different scenarios. CYNDAR The TOF-30 safety laser scanner researched by technology companies scans and builds maps based on the time-of-flight principle
At present, scientific research institutions and production companies have conducted in-depth research on the key technologies of robot navigation. Robot navigation technology mainly includes the construction of environmental maps, robot positioning and path planning in the environment. TOF-30 safety laser researched by CYNDAR Technology Company The scanner and the robot build a map in an unknown environment, plan the path and avoid obstacles on the completed map, and finally reach the target point.
It can be used for security detection and positioning detection of prison perimeters, important building perimeters, museums, etc., and can accurately locate XY points where people move.
The principle that security radar is applied to indoor personnel detection is to detect mobile personnel through the radar's transceiver antenna, and to determine the position and speed of the object through signal analysis and processing on the received signal. TOF-30 is a safety laser scanner sensor that can be used for indoor personnel detection. It is used in security monitoring, smart home, smart elderly care, and automatic door control.
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