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Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors

The photoelectric switch is the abbreviation of the photoelectric proximity switch. It utilizes the shielding or reflection of the light beam by the detected object, and the circuit is connected by the synchronization loop to detect the presence or absence of the object. Objects are not limited to metal, all objects that can reflect light (or block light) can be detected. The photoelectric switch converts the input current into a light signal on the transmitter, and then the receiver detects the target object according to the intensity or presence of the received light. The common photoelectric switch smoke alarm in the security system is often used in the industry to count the number of movements of the robotic arm.
Photoelectric switches have been used for level detection, liquid level control, product counting, width discrimination, speed detection, fixed-length cutting, hole recognition, signal delay, automatic door sensing, color mark detection, punching and shearing machines, and Security protection and many other fields. In addition, the use of infrared concealment can also be used as an anti-theft warning in banks, warehouses, shops, offices, and other occasions when needed.
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