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Safety sensor safety protection manufacturers & suppliers

  • Cyndar Security Technology Sensor

    Provide leading automation support for your
    factories and machinery worldwide

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  • Cyndar Security Technology Sensor

    Provide leading automation support for your
    factories and machinery worldwide

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  • Cyndar Security Technology Sensor

    Provide leading automation support for your
    factories and machinery worldwide

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2D Obstacle Avoidance Safety Laser Scanner

Small size, low cost, mainly used in industrial/commercial robot obstacle avoidance, safety door, AGV, service robot autonomous obstacle avoidance and other fields.

Navigation type safety laser scanner

Provide control software XD-Navigation and SDK software package, Navigation can be used in robot positioning and navigation, map surveying and mapping, environment modeling and security and other fields.

Safety light curtain for stamping

Industrial safety curtains are used in the machinery and equipment industry, mainly in the machine tool industry, including milling machines, punching machines, lathes, bending machines, CNC machining centers and other machine tools, to protect personnel from injury

Safety relay module

The safety relay module is suitable for the high safety requirements of industrial field monitoring of various signals, including emergency stop signals, safety door switch signals, safety grating signals, safety signals and two-hand button signals.

Security inspection equipment

The security x ray machine assists in detecting some illegally prescribed items, eliminating dangerous items, and ensuring the safety of people or buildings in public places.

Safety light curtain scanner for outdoor use

Safety Lidar has 3 independent signal outputs, which can measure vehicle size, wheel axle detection, vehicle counting, vehicle classification detection, etc.

Vehicle detection safety light curtain

Vehicle detection light curtains are mainly used in applications such as vehicle separation detection, vehicle size detection, vehicle type detection, and wheel detection object detection. It is the key equipment of the intelligent transportation system.

Safety edge sensor

The flexible edge of the safety edge will receive the signal of being hit and pressed, and will quickly transmit it to the power source and power source, stopping work to prevent injury. Can be used for the protection of automatic equipment, such as AGV cars, windows, garages, industrial doors, shutters, sliding doors

Measuring and counting safety light curtain

Measuring safety light curtains are used in object size detection and measurement, hole detection and coil correction, postal size detection packaging, metal processing, packaging production line, calibration control, parts counting and other fields.

Waterproof infrared safety light curtain

Waterproof infrared light curtain A set of waterproof mechanism technology and infrared invisible light infrared sensor, the response time is 15ms, the protection level reaches IP67, and it can be used normally in the scene with water and dust.

Cyndar Technology Corporation has prospered by maintaining consistent partnerships with customers and is committed to solving problems for customers. Today, Cyndar provides smart sensor solutions that can meet future challenges, and smart sensor technologies for all walks of life. Add value-added opportunities to the industry.
The sensor is intelligent, flexible, transparent and professional. Specifically developed for Industry 4.0.
Cyndar is a leading sensor application solution provider with complete design and manufacturing capabilities.

Cyndar welcomes OEM/ODM projects, and our professional service team will respond to your requirements quickly and enthusiastically! Value-added, create value-added sensors for you!

Cyndar's technical expertise is the following sensing technologies: safety light curtain sensors, photoelectric switch sensors, proximity switch sensors, safety carpet sensors, safety edge sensors, lidar sensors, and safety door locks in industrial products. We help customers find an excellent balance between high-quality products, customized system integration and excellent cost control, and use professional and sincere services to achieve predictable and continuous improvement in customer competitiveness.

Extensive Cyndar services to retain uptime and standards

Professional service

We insist on technological innovation and put the success of our customers first. Our professional pre-sales team will guide our customers how to choose the most suitable products. And with professional and sincere service, the customer's competitiveness can be continuously improved foreseeable.

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Quality Control

Cyndar employees will conduct a series of tests on the products before selling any products to ensure that there are no quality problems before selling. Cyndar's software upgrade and transformation measures ensure that the latest technology is always available

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Software and download

Cyndar provides software and product manual downloads required for products, flexible and personalized production and delivery of Cyndar products with adaptive software, we will always update the latest technology and provide the latest technical information and application instructions.

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After-sales service

Our product warranty period is 18 months. We provide long-term product maintenance, determine the cause of the failure and repair or replace the faulty component, conduct a detailed investigation of the cause of the failure and provide suggestions for preventive measures. Our technically trained sales engineers have a wide range of products Knowledge and application industry experience.

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Since 2010, Cyndar has been committed to safety sensors. We insist on technological innovation and put customer success first. A professional pre-sales team will guide customers on how to choose the most suitable products.